Supercap Group Investor relations

Supercap Labs is a digital marketing services company focused on new media solutions, embracing data, content and technology in an always-on environment for entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals and for family offices.

The next stage of the digital evolution - Web3 is here. Rapid changes created by disruptive technologies are the new catalyst to capitalise on across the marketing and digital media marketplace.

Collateral Material

We're marketing, sales and finance industry entrepreneurs, advisors and investors who understand the industry's changing dynamics. And we partner with smart entrepreneurs enabling access to investors and strategic partners in the space with the leverage that comes from targeted marketing and positioning of the opportunity with investor related collateral material towards the specific investor category.

Multi-Channel Exposure

The proprietary ADX technology platform assimilates big data from multiple investor databases and aggregates it into smart data. The smart data identifies the existing demand in the marketplace in each stage, space and ticket size. We leverage the smart data into our process of positioning the opportunity and the marketing strategy to ensure that our mandates are reaching the largest targeted investor base in the specific investor space.